Catch return for Sunday 4th May to Sunday 10th May

283 anglers have caught 1070 fish keeping 297

Rod Average 3.8

Average weight of fish kept 2lb 8oz

Sunday 4th
33 Anglers caught 217 Rainbows and 4 Brown Trout Rod average 8.3
50 fish were kept average weight of fish 3lb

The fish were feeding hard today with anglers taking fish on a verity of methods. John McGarrell caught 31 fish on six different patterns from the moorside and dam wall. Mark Walker caught 51 on Mini Cats Whisker fished under an indicator; Season permit holder Mark fished from 5am to 1pm from the Holly Bush to the top moorside block. Dave Walker followed yesterdays 16 with 20 fish today from the same area of the dam and kept another good rainbow of 10lb 4oz. Dave caught all his fish on pink flexi floss blood worm. G Thompson caught 11 from the bank above the top moorside block keeping three for 16lb 8oz best was a 10lb 8oz rainbow. Andy Wright followed last weeks 11lb 8oz rainbow with another 11lb 8oz fish today, Andy caught the fish from the holly bush. Boat anglers found fish feeding all over the lake, Ray Barrett and Andrew Davison caught 31 between them returning rainbows and browns to 5lb. All the fish were caught on dries and emerges. Paul Madderson and Keith Morley had 21 on lures and nymphs. And Gary Varley had 13 on buzzer and bloodworm.

Monday 5th
58 Anglers caught 160 Rainbows and 23 Browns Rod average 3.1
64 fish were kept average weight of fish 2lb 8oz.

Dave walker caught 13 from the Whitby end of the dam on pink flexi floss blood worm and Form Beetle. Graham Southam caught 16 fish wadding from the culvert and Gary Varley had 10 from the holy bush.
Boats – Wheel chair angler Paul Richardson caught 9 rainbows on dries and nymphs. Steve Fish caught 11 keeping a wild 8lb 12oz Cock Brown Trout and Colin Lynas returned a lovely 8lb Brown trout.

Tuesday 6th
34 Anglers caught 65 Rainbows and 3 Browns Rod average 2
30 fish were kept average weight of fish 2lb 4oz.

Well the sun has finally come bringing with it more difficult fishing conditions during the day. Fish have been feeding hard on beetles throughout the day. The evening rise has started but is not in full swing yet.
Boat angler Jim Tate caught 14 fish on Flexi Floss Blood Worm fished under an indicator. P Watson had 8 from a boat on dries and emerges. Norman Quigley kept a nice 4lb Brown Trout.

Wednesday 7th
28 Anglers caught 55 Rainbows and 3 Browns Trout Rod average 2.
20 fish were kept average weight of fish 2lb 0oz.

David Appleton caught 13 after 4pm on nymphs. Neil Clark caught 8 on the morning on Damsels; Martin Garret caught 10 on lures and Ron Ansley Kept the best fish of the day a 5lb 12oz rainbow.

Thursday 8th May
25 Anglers caught 103 Rainbows and 5 Browns Trout Rod average 4.3
29 fish were kept average weight of fish 2lb 8oz.

Graham Southam Caught 11 on Hears Ear Nymph wadding from the culvert.
Alan Byfield had 8 on Olive nymph, Keith Morley had 11 and Ken Jones 10 on nymphs from boats.

Friday 9th May
34 Anglers caught 110 Rainbows and 5 Brown Trout Rod average 3.3.
34 fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 4oz

Bank angler Neil Clark caught 12 on Damsels wadding out from the culvert.
John McGarrell caught 13 on Foam Beetles and CDC Shuttle Cock and Paul Richardson caught 10 on dries from the wheelyboat.
Stocked today with 240 rainbows and browns from 1lb 12oz to 7lb.

Saturday 10th
71 Anglers caught 189 Rainbows and 14 Browns Rod average 3.5
75 fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 12oz

The bright sunny conditions hasn’t stopped the fish rising to Beetle and dries, today we had the first of the Hawthorns and some Mayfly although the fish aren’t on them yet. Bank and Boat anglers have caught Rainbows to 13lb and Browns to 7lb 8oz on buzzers and lures fished under an indicator, form beetle and hears ear nymph
Gary Varley had an excellent day fishing small Cats Whisker under indicator wile wadding from the culvert, Gary caught 34 Rainbows to 5lb. David Appleton fished next to Gary and caught 15 Rainbows to 10lb on Buzzers fished under an indicator. Dave Sanders and Clark Mondal both caught 13lb Rainbows from the moorside.
Andrew Bogan caught 13 on Black Buzzer keeping Browns of 6lb and 4lb 8oz. M Burr caught 12 on lures keeping four fish for 12lb. Mrs Olive Murray caught 11 on CDC Shuttle Cock and Paul Richardson caught 9 from the wheeleyboat on Foam Beetle. M Atkinson fished on an evening permit and caught the best Brown of the day at 7lb 8oz on CDC Shipman’s.

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