Catch return for Sunday 23rd to Saturday 29th March

126 anglers caught 602 fish keeping 122

Rod Average 4.8

Average weight of fish kept 2lb 14oz

Sunday 23rd
15 anglers Caught 106 Rainbows and 1 Brown Rod average 7.1
The wind has dropped but the snow showers where a lot heavier reducing visibility to just a few meters at times. The15 anglers who fished caught a lot of fish from the overflow end of the dam the high bank and boat jetty.
John McGarrell caught 33 rainbows from the boat Jetty on Dawson’s Nomad, Mark Walker caught 16 and Gary Varley caught 15 from the dam wall on Cats Whisker and Black Fritz. Ian Greensmith caught the best fish of the day at 9lb from the high bank on Dawson’s Nomad Ian kept 4 fish for 18lb 12oz. Boat angler David Appleton fished off the wood side and caught 14 fish on Cats Whisker.

Monday 24th
14 Anglers caught 75 Rainbows and 2 Browns Rod average 5.5
Mark Walker and Gary Varley were among the fish again Mark caught 24 from the jetty on Orange Nomad and Gary 13 from the dam on Black Fritz. Colin Lynas caught 11 from the dam on Dawson’s Nomad keeping the best fish of the day at 9lb 9oz Graham Southam caught a 9lb rainbow and John McGarrell kept a lovely 6lb 2oz over wintered rainbow. David Appleton took a boat again and caught 13 fish on a small Black Tadpole

Tuesday 25th
10 Anglers caught 37 Rainbows Rod average 3.7
Mark Walker caught the best fish of the week the 12lb 4oz rainbow took a small Cats Whisker fished under an indicator and was returned. Jim Tate caught 20 from the boat jetty on buzzer.

Wednesday 26th
23 Anglers caught 35 fish Rod average 1.5
A Chapman caught 10 keeping 3 for 6lb. It was a strange day with more fish showing than at any time since opening day and good buzzer hatches, yet anglers struggled to catch.

Thursday 27th
22 Anglers caught 119 fish Rod average 5.4
Boat angler Malcolm Jefferson caught 28 on Buzzers fished under an indicator 60yards off the boat jetty returning one of 11lb. Mark Walker caught 8 from the bank and then went out in a boat and caught another 14 from the wood side all on black buzzer and indicator. John McGarrell fished Black Buzzers under an indicator and caught 16 from the jetty; John caught most of his fish in the top 12in. Les`Spedding fished buzzer from the holly bush catching 8 and loosing as many off.

Friday 28th
11 Anglers caught 115 fish Rod average 10.5
What a day the 40 to 50 mile an hour Southerly winds reduced the bank fishing to the moor side until 4ockock when the wind dropped and anglers could fish the dam. Andrew Croucher fished Lockwood for the first time and caught 10 fish returning rainbows of 11lb and 8lb from the moor side. Graham Southham caught 18 keeping 3 for 10lb one of which was a lovely 5lb 4oz Brown.
Graham Hill caught 16 from the holly bush keeping 2 browns of 5lb 8oz and 4lb all caught on Dawson’s Nomad. Michael Kilvington had 13 from the dam and Mark Walker 12 from the top of the wood side.

Saturday 29th
Boat anglers Mark Walker and S Drummond were among the fish Mark caught 14 on cats whisker Mr Drummond caught 14 on black Fritz loosing one 10lb rainbow at the net and returning a lovely 5lb brown.
Airflo Indervidual Results Saturday 29th
17 anglers fished in very difficult conditions strong winds and sun on the morning and even stronger winds and very heavy rain after lunch. Only 3 anglers blanked the other 14 caught 59 fish between them for a rod average of 3.4. Andrew Grabham won with 10 fish; Trevor Wadds was second with 8 and John McGarrell third with 7. All three have qualifyed for the final at Elinor on October 11th.

Stocking on Friday 28th with 275 rainbows and browns from 1lb 8oz to 5lb so weather permitting the weekend should fish well.

Lockwood opens at 8am and closes at 8.0pm