Catch return for Sunday 20th to Saturday 26th April

208 anglers caught 856 fish keeping 246

Rod Average 4.2

Average weight of fish kept 2lb 10oz

Sunday 20th
36 Anglers Caught 115 rainbows and 7 Browns. Rod average 3.3.
47 fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 9oz.

John McGarrell had a very good day catching 8 rainbows from the holly bush and 4 from the jetty and then going to the bay at the top of the wood side for another 8 fish with the last three weighing in at 24lb 4oz (10lb 8oz rainbow 7lb 4oz rainbow and 6lb 8oz brown) all caught on Dawson’s Nomad. Mark Walker caught 12 from the culvert on Cats Whisker and indicator and wheel chair angler Paul Richardson fished from the wheelyboat and caught 17 on lures.

Monday 21st
14 Anglers Caught 56 rainbows and 2 Browns. Rod average 4.1.
15 fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 2oz.

The day started slowly and picked up after 3pm John McGarrell caught the best rainbow of the day from the top moor side Block the 12lb 8oz rainbow took a small Dawson’s Nomad, John returned the fish after weighing. Boat angler Steve Mills had 12 fish fishing out from the culvert. G Lister and N Sinclair made good use of the evening boat catching 23fish between them from the moor side. Mrs Olive Murray caught 6 on Olive nymphs from a boat50mt out from the holly Bush.

Tuesday 22nd
25 Anglers caught 76 rainbows Rod average 3
31fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 8oz.

At times the hole of the lake was alive with rising fish taking beetles.
Boat angler Geoffrey Darling caught 9 keeping 3 fish the best was a super 12lb rainbow all were caught on Black Beatle.
A Chapman caught 10 keeping 4 for 11lb 8oz.

Wednesday 23rd
24 anglers caught 121 rainbows and 6 browns Rod average 5.3
39fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 8oz.

Andrew Grabham caught 24 from the over flow end of the dam on Buzzer and Blobs retuning browns to 5lb. S Shipley had 16 and boat angler Mike Gadd caught 10 fish, fishing down the middle of the lake on nymphs keeping 4 for 14lb 8oz. Mike Kilvington caught 9 from the holly bush on Dawson’s Olive. Ian Morrison caught 7 on CDC Shuttlecock from the bottom moor side block.

Thursday 24th
27 Anglers caught 56 rainbows. Rod average 2
24 fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 4oz

It was a slow day with most anglers hooking and losing fish the wind and bright conditions didn’t help anglers after lunch. Things did improve in the late afternoon. Boat Angler Mrs Olive Murray caught 6 on CDC dries Olive side that she had lost as many fish off. John McGarrell caught 6 from the bank on Dawson’s Nomad. John commented that he had lost 10 fish off.

Friday 25th
37 anglers caught 226 rainbows and 5 browns. Rod average 6.2
40fish were kept at an average weight of 3lb 2oz.
Wheel chair angler Paul Richardson caught the best rainbow of the season so far from the wheely boat the 16lb 3oz fish was caught on a cat’s whisker and took 15min to net. John Mcgarrell had 23 from the moor side and Whitby end of the dam all caught on Dawson’s Nomad. George Sidgwick and John Anderson caught 32 between them from the overflow end of the dam. Boat anglers Alan Corr and Philip Totten had 39 between them. D Wright caught an 11lb 8oz rainbow from the Whitby end of the dam and Michael Kilvington had one of 9lb 6oz from the moor side.

Stocked on Friday 25th with 400 2lb rainbows 70 3lb to 5lb rainbows and browns and 25 10 to 13lb rainbows.

Saturday 26th
45 anglers caught 187 rainbows and 2 browns. Rod average 4.2
69fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 6oz.
Boat angler Steve Mann caught 31 rainbows to 8lb on buzzers and cormorants. Ian Vickers caught 15 keeping the best rainbow of the day at 10lb 12oz from a boat as well.

Airflo team results
1st Screaming reels- Michael Connorton, Andrew Grabham and John Parker. 22 fish.
2nd Cortland Cats- Simon Robinson, Dave Parker and Warren Scott. 21fish
3rd Derwent Valley- Phil Green, Ian Lamb and Ray Appleby. 15fish
4th Lockwood Fly Fishers- Colin Lynas, John Mcgarrell and Gary Varley. 15fish
106 fish were caught for a rod average of 3.5. Anglers found conditions very hard on the dam with a strong SSW wind blowing straight at them, the moorside was less affected and fished well with most anglers taking fish.

Lockwood opens at 8am and closes at 8.45pm