Catch Return for Sunday 18th to Saturday 24th May

224 Anglers have caught 833 Fish
Rod Average 3.7
Average weight of fish kept 2lb6oz

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Sunday 18th
36 Anglers caught 106 Rainbows and 5 Brown Trout. Rod average 3
46 Fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 2oz.

It was another cold day with light NE winds and a max temperature of 8c, the forecast for the rest of the week isn’t much better.
Most anglers caught fish, CDC Shuttlecocks and Shipman’s were best from the bank, Lures and Damsels caught the most from the boats.
Graham Southam caught 14 from the wadding area near the culvert on GRHE. John McGarrell fished all day from a boat and only landed one fish he tied the boat up at 3pm went on the dam and caught 7 on CDC Shipman’s in the next hour and a half.
D Crosby and Neil Robinson caught 15 between them on Damsels fished close to the shore. Ian Reed caught the best rainbow of the day at 8lb 8oz on Dawson’s Nomad. Most Boat anglers had there limit fishing lures on floating lines.

Monday 19th
25 Anglers caught 50 Rainbows and 0 Brown Trout. Rod average 2
18 Fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 10oz.

It was yet another very cold day with NE winds and Hail showers early on. We need a rise in air temperature and the wind to change direction to help things. Bank angers found fish hard to tempt even though they had fish rising close to the bank for most of the day.
Boats did better with damsels fishing best. Ian Greensmith caught 10 rainbows on damsels fishing out from the culvert to the holly bush. Steve Traford caught a lovely 8lb 4oz rainbow also on a damsel from the culvert.

Tuesday 20th
40 Anglers caught 96 Rainbows and 6 Brown Trout. Rod average 2.5
28 Fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 4oz.

Mark Walker caught 10 on mini Cats Whisker fished under an indicator Mark didn’t start fishing until 5pm. Day permit A Clark caught 9 on CDC Shipman’s.
Keith Morley caught 12 on GRHE and Damsel

Wednesday 21st
17 Anglers caught 59 Rainbows and 2 Brown Trout. Rod average 3.5
18 Fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 2oz.
Neil Clark caught 11 fish wadding out from the culvert on Damsel Nymph. Les Jefferson caught 14 from the bank.

Thursday 22nd
31 Anglers caught 96 Rainbows and 4 Brown Trout. Rod average 3.2
45 Fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 10oz.

We had one of the best days for rising fish so far this season the rise started at about 12 and continued right up to close of day. Hawthorns were been blown on to the water and Buzzers and olives were hatching throughout the day. Most anglers caught fish although no one had more than 8.
Norman Quigley kept 3 fish for 12lb from the Whitby end of the dam on Hawthorns two of Normans fish were brown trout of 5lb 4oz and 3lb 8oz.

Friday 23rd
28 Anglers caught 179 Rainbows and 7 Brown Trout. Rod average 6.6
36 Fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 4oz.

The day was just a carbon copy of yester day with fish rising all over the lake. Only two of the 28 anglers didn’t catch.
Mark Walker shocked everyone by abandoning his indicator and fishing dries, it worked though as he caught 35 on Hawthorns and CDC Shuttlecocks from the Whitby end of the dam. Paul Chester caught 24 from the moorside and Les Spedding had 17 on dries wadding from the culvert. John McGarrell caught 14 on CDC Shuttle Cocks from the overflow end of the dam.
Geoff Darling only fished for 4hours and caught 11rainbows on GRHE. Mrs Olive Murray caught 8 and lost as many fish off on CDC Shuttle Cocks

253 rainbows and Browns from 1lb 12oz to 6lb were stocked on Friday 23rd

Saturday 24th
47 Anglers caught 217 Rainbows and 6 Brown Trout. Rod average 4.7
76 Fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 10oz
Graham Hill and Dave Sanders fished in front of the culvert all day Graham caught 24 and Dave 19 on Buzzers Damsel and Dries. Dave Walker caught 11 on Pink flexi floss Blood worm and Buzzer from the overflow end of the dam and jetty. J McGarrell had 10 and Keith Richards 9 from the dam on CDC Shuttle Cock and Very small black dries.
Most boat anglers caught at least four with some getting up to 16 fish. Ian Margerison caught 12 on PTN and Lures. Mike Gadd caught the best Rainbow of the day at 11lb 4oz caught on size 14 Bibio.

We open for day permits at 8am closing at 10.00pm