Catch return for Saturday13th to Sunday 19th April

155 anglers caught 582 fish keeping 141
Rod Average 3.8
Average weight of fish kept 2lb 10oz

Sunday 13th
39 Anglers caught 124 Rainbows and 1 Brown Rod average 3.2
35 fish were kept average weight of fish 2lb 10oz.
Sunday started very slowly with anglers finding fish hard to come by even John McGarrell and Mark Walker were struggling John hadn’t had anything at all by 2pm. The air temp was only 5c for most of the day but from 2pm rose to 8c and fish started to show. John ended up with 16 from the top of the moor side; Graham Southam had 13 and Dave Sanders 10 from the same area. Mark Walker caught 8 late on from the dam. Boat anglers caught from all over the lake. M and P Errington caught 12 between them keeping 5 for 14lb 2oz. best a lovely 4lb brown. Gary Varley caught 8 on buzzers and Les Davison and grandson Ben caught 9 between them keeping the best rainbow of the day at 8lb 10oz.

Monday 14th
15 Anglers caught 28 Rainbows and 1 Brown Rod average 1.8
11 fish were kept average weight of fish 3lb 6oz.
Jim Tate caught 8 keeping one 5lb rainbow; Alan Byfield kept another very good brown of 7lb 8oz and J Annis kept 8lb 12oz rainbow.

Tuesday 15th
16 Anglers caught 40 Rainbows and 1 Brown Rod average 2.5.
7 fish were kept average weight of fish 2lb 5oz.
A very cold day with heavy snow and sleet showers making for difficult fishing conditions.
Mark Walker had yet another good day catching 20 fish on small Cats Whisker and indicator. Boat anglers Keith Morley and P Maddison caught 14 between them on lures and nymphs.

Wednesday 16th
18 Anglers caught 23 Rainbows and 2 Browns Rod average 1.2
10 fish were kept average weight of fish 2lb 4oz.
Another very cold day with strong Easterly winds, the air temp only reached 6c and some heavy sleet and snow showers fell late on. Season permit Tim Grove caught 8 from a boat on Buzzers and CDC Dries. Tim lost a lot of fish off and missed a lot as well.
G Nicholson caught 8 on his first visit to Lockwood he fished from the moor side and lost his best fish estimated at 10lb.

Thursday 17th
19 Anglers caught 58 Rainbows Rod average 3.
20 fish were kept average weight of fish 2lb 4oz.
It was very cold air temp never got above 7c with an easterly wind again. Jim Tate fished from the dam for 11.A Cragges and D Dickons both had 8 from the dam as well.

Friday 18th
20 Anglers caught 153 Rainbows Rod average 7.6.
19 fish were kept average weight of fish 2lb 8oz.
John McGarrell caught 27 rainbows from the dam and the top moor side bay on Dawson’s Nomad. Steve Man was the only boat angler out to day he caught 19 fish on buzzers keeping the best of the day a lovely 10lb 12oz rainbow. Dave Bachelor waded out from the culvert. Dave fished Buzzers under an indicator for 19 rainbows returning quite a few over 4lb. Mark Walker didn’t start fishing until 3.30 but he still managed 16 fish from the dam on Black Fritz. P Chester fished from the moor side and caught 16 and John Anderson had 14 from the Holy Bush.

Stocked on Friday 18th with 220 rainbows from 1lb 8oz to 5lb and 25 browns from 3lb to6lb

Saturday 19th
28 Anglers caught 145 Rainbows and 4 Brown Rod average 5.3.
45 fish were kept average weight of fish 2lb 8oz.
Kevin Dinning caught 21 from all over the bank. Tom Keenan and A Luke caught 16 from a boat fishing out from the jetty.
Gary Varley caught 18 Wading from the Culvert on black Buzzer fished under an indicator. Clark Mondal had 14 from the bottom moor side block to the holly bush on Dawson’s Nomad fished on an intermediate line. Rob Clark had 14 from the top bay on the moor side and Graham Hill Caught 13 from the wading area at the Whitby end of the dam. Graham kept 3 for 16lb 2oz rainbows of 10lb 2oz and 2lb and a blue of 4lb. Colin Lynas caught 12 from the overflow end of the dam on Dawson’s Nomad

Lockwood opens at 8am and closes at 8.30pm