Catch return for Saturday 8th to Saturday 15th March

194 anglers caught 925 fish keeping 207

Rod Average 4.7 Average weight of fish kept 2lb 3oz

Colin Green caught the best fish of the week at 11lb

Opening day Saturday 8th
69 Anglers caught 438 rainbows to 11lb and 12 out of season browns to 4lb
79 Fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 9oz
Rod average 7.3

Colin Green caught the best fish of the day at 11lb on a Cats Whisker from the point. P West caught a lovely 9lb 13oz rainbow from a boat on Black Fritz.
The very strong winds made for difficult fishing conditions leaving most of the dam and moor side un fishable to bank anglers and only the Woodside available for the boats. Bank anglers had the best of the sport with Andrew Bowker catching 30 from the overflow end of the dam on Black and Olive Fritz keeping three for 9lb 4oz. Andrew Grabham had 15 from the dam on lures, Graham Hill caught 16 from the moor side, Mark Walker caught 17 wading at the top of the wood side. M Jefferson caught 11 from the top moor side block and Clark Mondal struggled to cast at the holy bush but managed to catch 12 fish on lures.
Boat anglers Andrew Davison and Ray Barrett caught 35 between them on small lures and nymphs, Gary Varley caught 20 on Black Fritz and Ian Margerison caught 13 keeping 4 for 10lb 8oz on lures.

Sunday 9th March
29 Anglers caught 72 rainbows to 9lb and 1 out of season brown of 4lb 8oz
41 Fish were kept at an average weight of 2lb 2oz
Rod average 2.6
The Weather has totally spoilt the weekend keeping rod numbers low although the wind had dropped the cold and the low pressure spoiled the fishing. The wind did drop away by 5pm and anglers who had stayed had the best sport of the day.
Colin Lynas followed his 12 from a boat yesterday with 10 in four hours from the dam, Boat angler Gary Varley followed yesterdays 20 with 5 today showing just how things had changed. Boat angler Alan Jenkins caught the best fish of the day at 9lb 2oz from the wood side bay.

Monday 10th March
No anglers the weather beat us.

Tuesday 11th March
The wind reduced the fishable bank to the wood side and overflow end of the dam. Ian Morrison and Keith Richards had five each from the dam and Bernard Brown had 3 from the high bank. Boat anglers found fish hard to come by.

Wednsday 12th March
Only 3 anglers braved the winds and snow showers catching 5 fish between them.

Thursday 13th
At last the winds have dropped and the air temp improved. By 4pm 15 anglers had caught 68fish to 7lb on lures Alan Byfield had 10 from the dam and jetty. Colin Green caught 5 from the jetty in 2hours this morning on lures he lost more fish than he landed. Trevor Shelley caught 6 from the dam this afternoon on Dawson’s Nomad and Keith Richards caught 5 from the moor side on Black Fritz. Marc Boughey caught 6 in 4 hours from a boat on Cats Whisker and Mrs Olive Murray caught 5 on black Fritz from a boat off the wood side.

Friday 14th
31 Anglers caught 137 fish to 8lb. John McGarrell caught 22 from all over the lake on a small black nomad. Dave Batchelor caught 19 from the dam and moor side 9 on olive buzzer and 10 on black nomad his best was a fin perfect over wintered 8lb rainbow and 5lb brown that were returned. Ian Morrison caught 11 on cat’s whisker David Appleton had 10 black Nomad and Bernard Fitzhugh had 9 on black Cormorant.

Saturday 15th
Mark Walker caught 30 wading from the culvert on small Cats Whisker fished under an indicator. David Walker caught 20 from the bottom moor side block on black and silver Cormorant. John McGarrell got 16 from the overflow end of the dam on size 12 gold head viva and small black nomad. Colin Lynas caught 10 from the dam on the (lynas buzzer) Dawson’s nomad and said that he had lost 12 off. Clark Mondal caught 8 from the top moor side block. Boat Anglers K Dinning and W Dent caught 26 from the wood side. And Keith Morley caught 7 including browns of 4lb and 5lb.

Lockwood opens at 8am and closes at 6.30pm