Catch return for opening Day 10th March

70 anglers Fished on opening day and caught 517 fish 18 of which were browns to 5lb the rod average was 7.3.

107 fish were kept with an average weight of 2lb 4oz.

Mike Ayton had the heaviest at 7lb 8oz and Dave Sanders had one of 7lb.

Mike Ayton caught 38 from the top moor side block, Dave Marshall had 30 from the dam Andrew Bowker had 25 from the dam keeping 3 for 10lb his brother Paul had 15 from the dam as well. Graham Hill caught 28 from the wood side, Andrew Grabham caught 23 from all over the lake and Robert Thompson had 21 from the point and Dave Sanders caught 15 from the wood side block. Boat anglers Andrew Davison and Ray Barrett caught 21 between them keeping 5 for 12lb and Willam Leitch and Colin Lynas caught 16. Top patterns were Dawson’s Nomad, Black Nomad, Cats Whisker and Damsel Nymph.