2011 Season Update 23rd February

Picture looking from the high bank towards the point on the 23rd February as you can see there is a lot more water than last week, if you look at the update for the 2nd of February you can see how much difference there is. The Water Level is now 5ft 6in from the top level that’s a rise of around about two and a half feet of water per week. So without some heavy rain we won’t be full for opening day this will have some advantages thou as bank anglers will be able to fish in front of the wood side. And as we are stocking a smaller aria of water with our normal pre season stocking sport should be good. Last Year Ian Vickers Caught over 60 rainbows from the top the Woodside bank and a lot of bank anglers caught from 12 to 30 fish. Boat also did well with Rob and Stephen Cowen catching 64 between them. Alan Corr and boat partner Steve Mann had 58. Ian Margerison had 36 and Dave Appleton 26. I won’t be taking any more boat bookings until nearer opening day when I will have a better idea of the water level. All boats that have already been booked will be out on the water. I will take a picture from the same spot next Wednesday to show how the level has risen. If anyone has any Queries please don’t hesitate to phone me on 07973 779527