Lockwood Beck - North Yorkshire’s Premier Fly Fishery

LOCKWOOD Beck trout fishery is offering anglers exciting new opportunities, while maintaining its traditional values.

As fishery manager Gordon Byers reaches his 18th season at the impressive North Yorkshire trout lake, he has one eye on innovative new features, while retaining the qualities that has drawn generations of anglers to the idyllic 60 acres over the years.

In recent years a wheely boat has arrived, the lodge has been extended, more courses have been introduced, and winter bait fishing has proved popular.

This year the access to the fishery has been improved, more competitions and courses will be held, and float tubing is making its mark.

But the beauty of Lockwood is that in many respects nothing has changed. If you wish to escape on the bank, or boat, and enjoy peace and quiet while pitting your wits against top quality hard fighting trout, then you will find the same Lockwood that anglers have enjoyed for the past couple of decades.

The timeless setting and superb fishing that earned Lockwood Beck the accolade of the best stillwater trout venue in the country, remains steadfastly intact.

Gordon will ensure that the appeal of Lockwood will remain unchanged, and that glorious carefree days of tempting trout with nymphs, lures and dries, either in solitude or enjoying friendly banter, will remain the bedrock of a day at Lockwood.

However this season boat and bank competitions will attract the more competitive anglers, while float-tubing brings another dimension.

This Spring the first float-tubing match ever held at Lockwood was planned, and it could become a regular feature.

All float tubers are asked, for safety reasons, to let the fishery know in advance that they are coming. Anglers must be members of the British Float Tube Association.

But however you choose to fish, the appeal is the challenge of catching trout, from a pound and a half to double figures, in a pleasing setting, where no two days of fishing are the same.

The fish grow on well as the feeding is outstanding. Buzzers, damsels, sedge, daddy longlegs, snails, hoglice, and sometimes swarms of ants give the fish a varied diet.

Some pack on the protein by attacking the shoals of minnows, picking up roach, perch and even frogs.

So carry a range of patterns to get the best out of Lockwood. And as advice and recommended patterns are always on hand you can guarantee that you are equipped to take on the trout whether from wooded or open banks, into the breeze or with it.

But the fishing is rarely easy, and true anglers don’t want it to be.

So whether you fish on misty mornings, the heat of summer days, or as the light fades with the sun dipping over the rolling hills, you can relish the feeling of being part of nature, while tackling the challenges that Lockwood brings.

And if you fancy another dimension, try a float tube.

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For booking and further information please contact:
Gordon Byers, Fishery Manager
Tel: 01287 660501 or Mobile: 07973 779527

Lockwood Beck Fishery, The Fishing Lodge, Lockwood Beck, Lingdale, Saltburn-by-the-Sea TS12 3LQ United Kingdom

Latitude: 54.5188, Longitude: -0.9672

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